We started IVF consultations nearly 6 years ago with different clinics and had a procedure with our first IVF clinic four years ago. Many eggs retrieved, but no baby home. After a miscarriage and couple of implantation failure we tried with second clinic, but had implantation failure 3 times in a row. I contacted you about year ago and doctor Marcel was optimistic and gave us hope, we were quite down at this point. 

I had histeroscopy and this really seems to changed things as I got pregnant straight away the next month. Now we hug our baby son.

It was very difficult journey, full of ups and downs and I am glad I had the endurance to go through, because we were close to giving up.

Thank you Reprogenesis and we wish you all the best! 

We will definitely visit Brno again with our son.

Couple from the UK

Yesterday was the first time when I felt the baby’s movement inside me and I couldn’t stop my happy tears running out of my smiling eyes. 

Choosing to work with your clinic on making my dream became true was one of the best decisions I made in life. Why to wait when you can make everything happen with a little help from a Profesional team. 

Helena I’ll never forget your positive energy and smile and your encouraging words! 

Thank you for everything!

Sending love, 

Future parents

After an extensive research, I came across Reprogenesis where I had an egg donation treatment and it was the best decision made. Thanks to the amazing work the whole team does, we now have our beautiful little girl and she is perfect. 
Prior to making a decision to have my treatment there, I spent months communicating with Hana, my coordinator in the clinic. My questions were always answered promptly which gave me a lot of reassurance from the start. 
When we visited the clinic, the staff were all very friendly and helpful and made the whole experience very stress free. After the fertilisation of the eggs, I received daily reports on the progress of the embryos until I had the transfer. This was my first attempt and it was successful. I am forever grateful to Reprogenesis and would not hesitate for a minute to recommend them to anyone who needs help. 


A few days ago our twin boys were born. It is truly a miracle what has happened and we are grateful to ReproGenesis for that.

Our road was full of hard and disappointing trials before coming to Brno, and there we found everything as we hoped it would be. Our coordinator, Hana, is the first we should thank because she stood always at our side, comforting us, and also the team of doctors and nurses from your clinic.

We left in the day of the embryotransfer with a very strong positive feeling and after 2 weeks we received the good news: “a very high bHCG- probably twins”. And so it was, the pregnancy went without any problems and now we are parents once again with two beautiful sons.

Thank you ReproGenesis for our chance!

Thank you ReproGenesis for our chance!

After experiencing many years of infertility and many, many failed cycles of IUI and IVF, we arrived at ReproGenesis, as our ‘last try’.

After a consultation with a doctor, we decided to opt for IVF with donor eggs, due to my age (41) and the number of failed cycles we’d had. From the outset, communication was excellent and Veronica was outstanding in her role of IVF Coordinator. Emails were promptly answered and the whole process was explained with great clarity.

What struck us most about the clinic was that all of the staff there were extremely professional and genuinely very nice people, which definitely helps during this stressful process. We decided to transfer two of our excellent quality embryos and to our amazement are delighted to report that both took and we are pregnant with twins!

We cannot thank the staff at Reprogenesis enough for their commitment to excellence which results in making dreams come true.


We had no more hopes to have our own child after many unsuccessful ivf.

We decided to ask help to ReproGenesis after reading many positive feedback in Internet about it.

After the first contact we received shortly an answer from the clinic and could fast immediately start a treatment. All information, questions or doubts have been answered by the coordinator and we traveled to Brno a few weeks later. 

We are now parents of a beautiful child and we are extremely grateful to this clinic. The doctor and the whole team have been very professional and this is why we strongly recommend anybody to contact them.

ReproGenesis made our dream come true. 


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I can’t say that enough! In August 2016 my husband and I flew to Brno from Canada to do an IVF using donor eggs! We put two eggs in and kept 3 frozen! Well… both eggs took and we became very proud parents in April 2017! What a great ending to a long battle! Thank you Reprogenesis especially our coordinator Helena! Maybe we will be back 1 day 🙂

Victoria & Mark ROSE

We tried to get pregnant a few years ago in a local clinic. There were no results at that time. Maybe it was because of my attitude. I didn’t really believe it could happen; I was a bit depressed later. My husband persuaded me to try one more time, this time at Reprogensis in Czech. The clinic’s staff was really optimistic, they assured me that it could be done. I started seeing the light in the tunnel.

The IVF turned out to be successful – I’m due in 2 months and I feel great! The doctor says the baby is healthy. And it’s a girl.

Thank you so much!


I cannot speak highly enough about the exceptional level of care, consideration and impeccable professionalism delivered by all the staff at ReproGenesis. I am almost 42 and have recently returned from the clinic after having two AA hatching blastocysts transferred. I am thrilled to say I am pregnant and the after-care and drug regimen is extremely reassuring in these early days. My coordinator was a beautiful and kind lady whose dedication to making us feel like individuals was exceptional. All team members were wonderfully calming and kind and myself and my husband felt it was an honour to have been treated with such high levels of  personal care and professionalism.

Thank you, ReproGenesis, for making our dreams come true!


We were trying to conceive for some time and visited all the competent facilities in Slovenia, but weren`t satisfied with their approach. We finally decided to look for help at Reprogenesis and it was absolutely the right decision! I was very surprised to receive the answer to my first e-mail the same day – the clinic replies all the e-mails practically immediatelly. Our coordinator was great throughout our treatment and also when we found out I was pregnant – I always received all the information I needed.

I found the staff to be extremely professional, but still very caring, calming and kind, so every visit to the clinic was a nice and relaxing experience. The clinic is well equipped and can provide the best treatments possible and all the privacy needed. We were offered embryo monitoring and after the egg retrieval I received the update of the embrios development. Two embrios made it to the blastocyst phase and were transfered on day 5. Afterwards we received all the information regarding medication and treatment and after four weeks I could see the heartbeat of our twins!

We can`t thank enough Reprogenesis for the joy we are now experiencing as parents of the most beautiful boy and girl. I would absolutelly recommend Reprogenesis to anyone! 

Twins mum

We traveled to Reprogenesis from Italy for treatment. We were very pleased with the communication from very begining. Facility was clean and staff was amazing!! I was really nervous and never felt like I was a bother!

Currently 12 weeks pregnant with baby!


We were very happy with the procedure, starting from correspondence, emails, preparation, to care after treatment. Answers were very clear and fast. We were contacting our asigned IVF coordinator. She was very caring and patient. She was explaining everything to us, as many times as we needed it. Visiting the clinic was very pleasant and relaxing. The clinic is very easy to find, and is very clean and proffesionaly equiped. We always felt important and we could count on support and accurate explanations for everything that we asked. Everyone was so kind and helpful.

The clinic offers embryo monitoring, very good for chosing the best embryos for transfer. We took this option, and were informed about embryos conditions and size. Two best embryos were transfered and now we are expecting twins! Before going home, we got all needed medication and precise instructions how to take them. We are still in touch with our coordinator and she is realy supportive in connection with any doubts we have.

We are so happy and grateful. We recommend Reprogenesis clinic 100%! 

future parents 🙂

After 13 years of trying to conceive and after 13th embryo transfer, I think we just won :). Now I am in 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant and I already saw a little heart of our future baby beating :). In September we were in Brno because we had frozen embryo transfer in
Reprofit, which unfortunately wasn’t successful, and when we were walking around in the sun before the transfer, we luckily found this clinic – they are close to each other. I mailed them that we are interested in embryo adoption and coordinator mailed me back almost in a minute :). Every time I talked to her she answered me to all the questions I had, and there were a lot of them :).

When we send information about us, she mailed us 5 possible already created embryos we can adopt. It was such a fun to pick one of them :). I got protocol, which injections and other medications do I have to take to prepare my endometrium for our snow baby
:). Firstly we wanted to have a treatment in February, but than we decided that December will be the right month for us. Before New Year in Brno was also a Christmas market, people were happy and everything was like in a fairytale, so we believed that this time we have to win! Before leaving Slovenia, I read some English infertility forums so I already knew that clinic is very nice and modern and peacefull, surrounded by a park. And when we came, it was really like the girls said that it will be. Also the staff was very
pleasant and everything went very smooth. Our coordinator said that this time I got the lucky embryo and it looks like that she was right :)!  

I am so gratefull to the clinic and I hope that they will create a lot of such lucky embryos and make happy all the couples that will choose the same clinic as I did to help them become parents!

ReproGenesis, thank you :)! 


We had a wonderful experience all around at Reprogenesis! From the very beginning, communication from our coordinator was prompt and friendly. All of the information presented was transparent and there were no unexpected costs that surprised us. All of our questions were answered and she made the entire process seem easy. When we arrived in Brno and visited the clinic, we were impressed once again! The facilities are very clean and modern, and the staff are friendly and welcoming.

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience, and we are expecting our first baby in December! Thank you, Reprogenesis! 


We would highly recommend this clinic. We chose this clinic as all of the review from previous patients were glowing and it was definitely the right choice to have made. We were looked after coordinator who gave us all of the help and information we needed and
more. There was never an issue with a language barrier as team speaks excellent English. We were made to feel comfortable and welcome throughout our treatment.

We have been trying to conceive for over 11 years and whilst we have managed to get pregnant we sadly miscarried them all. We came to RepoGenesis as we wanted to have a donor egg and donor sperm and both my husband and I have blue and green eyes. This was our last very last chance. We are currently happily 5 weeks pregnant. Too early to shout about but we achieved the best embryos we have ever had and early indications are that I have my first good strong pregnancy. There was no waiting list for choosing donors for us and we were asked for photos of me and my husband to help the donation team make good choices. This filled us with confidence. Whatever the outcome, this is an excellent clinic and I wish I had found them earlier. 

from London

After years of IVF in various counties, I am happy to say I am 14 weeks pregnant after IVF treatment at Reprogenisis. I was more than happy with my treatment and support I received.

I would recommend any couple who feel like they are about to give up just give it one more chance at Reprogenisis. 


I researched a lot of clinics before choosing Reprogenesis. The clinic has excellent success rates, uses 5 day blasts and has embryo monitoring and is very reasonably priced. However, our main reason for choosing the clinic was because of the excellent communication we had with our co-ordinator from the first email. Her communication was always prompt and she was able to answer all questions I had and put us at ease. There was never a language barrier. The whole process was very straight forward. I was able to get my
prescription for medication sent to the UK and got my meds from Asda of all places (very cheap). I had scans and blood tests done in the UK and then just emailed any results to my coordinator. Travelling to Brno is very easy and we were advised on places to
stay. We travelled to Brno earlier in the year and unfortunately had an unsuccessful treatment. However I always felt that the clinic and their team had done everything they possibly could for us. My doctor reviewed my case and made a couple of protocol changes for my
2nd cycle and it worked!

I am now nearly 14 weeks pregnant with a singleton and we have a top grade frozen 5 day blastocyst we will return for. I can highly recommend this clinic and can’t thank them enough after many years of failed treatments!


Having been diagnosed with premature menopause in my early twenties, I knew that my only option for a natural child would be via donor egg IVF. After being married a couple of years we started researching our options. We quickly narrowed down to the Czech Republic as it offered the treatment we needed (donor egg IVF) at a reasonable price and using top technology. We very quickly happened upon Reprogenesis, and after browsing their website and taking the virtual tour of their clinic, and reading everything we could on message forums and review sites, we reached out. Not only did we get a dedicated coordinator who responded to every email, usually within 24 hours, but she would call (from Brno to Canada) to discuss anything I wanted to discuss. We were in touch for well over a year before we decided to start our treatment plan. I felt a very personal touch, that my specific situation was being considered when the treatment plan was being defined, and that every effort was made to help the doctors here in Canada provide the tests and scans needed by the clinic. All communication was prompt, professional and helpful.

When we arrived in Brno and visited the clinic, it felt like visiting friends. Everyone we interacted with during our time there seemed happy and genuine, and they really made us feel that they were rooting for us – the nurses, coordinators, doctors, and general office staff. We were kept well informed at every step of the process, never pressured or rushed, and were eased into making the decisions that were right for us. For this cycle, having resulted in 4 healthy embryos, one of those decisions was to opt for only a single embryo transfer rather than the planned double transfer. The transfer day ran like clockwork. Things were calm and smooth, as we were escorted from room to room. I felt safe. The doctor was warm and friendly, and the transfer itself was quick and painless. With the 5 day transfer, it meant we had ample time for some day trips and to enjoy the Czech countryside – along with nearby Budapest and Vienna. In Prague, my husband bought me a garnet pendant with four diamond-shaped pieces of garnet surrounding a little diamond. We said it was like our 4 embryos. But the best souvenir that we brought back was our ‘little HB’, the hatching blastocyst that we chose to implant, whose heartbeat and ultrasound image we just saw for the first time today, healthily developing at 6 weeks 5 days!

I have no hesitation in recommending Reprogenesis and look forward to returning! 


I am 43 and my partner older. After three UK ICSI cycles, two with two good quality embryos transferred on Day 3 and one (a modified natural cycle) with a poor quality Day 2 ET, time is not on our side. The first two clinics were ok, but i came to feel they weren’t ideal (their idea of optimal treatment and mine were not quite the same) at the third clinic they were disorganised and I lost faith in them. I wonder whether our poor fertilisation rate (never been a problem before) reflects on their environment? Anyway, I had heard about Czech clinics and contacted a couple.

Reprogenesis offered everything we wanted and at a good price. Communication was excellent all the way through and the staff friendly but professional and the clinic top notch in every way. Most importantly, we used my own eggs and although less were collected than previously, 6 fertilised and 2 made it to Day 5 – I wasn’t even sure they would be capable of this! We used embryo monitoring and I am sure that this along with the clinics excellent embryologists are the reason for this. As prices were so reasonable we could also afford all the extras we wanted, so I am quite optimistic. I wanted to write this before I know whether it has been successful, because that is not the criteria for my believing it is the best IVF clinic I have experienced. If it doesn’t work I will be heading back in a few months to have another go! 

M.V., UK.

When I decided I want to try IVF I really hadn’t the slightest idea where to start. Fortunately for me my first step was contacting the Reprogensis clinic (I decided that it would be in Czech Republic for sure as it is my favourite European country) Why Reprogenesis? To be honest there really wasn’t any reasoning in this I just stumbled upon this clinic and decided to try contacting them and to see how I feel, I do this very often with many things. In a matter of weeks I already had my dedicated coordinator. I could ask her about everything and she always provided an answer, before I went there personally I already knew everything that awaited me. I just kept a positive mind thanks to all of this and went to Reprogenesis with my head held high focused on success.

Now I’m pregnant and waiting for the baby! 


Our experience with Reprogenesis was outstanding!  Although our first attempt at IVF with donor eggs was unsuccessful, our second try (only 3 months later) was a success and we are expecting our daughter in May, 2016!  The entire process, which can be extremely stressful, was smooth and comfortable, even though we live in the US. Our coordinator Karolina was knowledgeable, helpful and friendly throughout the process and made us feel as though we were her only clients.  The doctor took his time to explain everything and answer any questions we had.  The facility is modern and immaculate without feeling too clinical.  We highly recommend Reprogenesis to anyone starting the process of IVF!


From the first step I took in this clinic I knew it will be my clinic, everything felt good and right. I was struggling for so long and finally I became a mom and my and my husbands dram came true.


Reprogenesis is an absolutely professional clinic with the highest quality of treatment. I took my wife there, she decided on this clinic because her friend also went there and got pregnant. We already had one try with IVF in a clinic in UK but it didn’t go well. Reprogenesis gave us an incredible gift for the new year, we are pregnant! Thank you so much Reprogenesis!


I am now five and a half month pregnant and I can’t praise Reprogenesis enough. My husband and I where both equally impressed with their professionalism, kindness, willingness to help and also with the beauty of their clinic and facilities.

After having had many years of heartbreaking miscarriages ( partially due to age – I am 45 now – partially due to environmental circumstances, I believe) we decided to go to Reprogenesis.

They where very friendly and positive from the beginning and compared to how you are sometimes being treated here in England we felt very much at ease with them. At Reprogenesis you get the feeling that they really want to help you and that it is all about you and not in the first place about your money. The cost was explained clearly and precise from the beginning.

Luckily I got pregnant after the first trial and I have the feeling that the acupuncture which I received before and after the transfer might have helped as well.

Also the transfer of the embryo went extremely smooth and much quicker than I experienced it in a previous IVF. I read the quicker the transfer the better.

Furthermore Brno is a very beautiful city with beautiful people and we enjoyed our stay every minute.

Last but not least we want to thank Karolina who was with us to support us all the way through, always willing to answer questions, even on weekends and supporting me mentally and with lots of information.


Thank you Reprogenesis!


I had an amazing experience at the clinic. I can’t say enough positive things about this place in a whole!

Veronika was our liaison and was always quick to answer any questions I had and helped with all arrangements.

At ReproGenesis they made the whole thing less stressful. 


By far the best clinic I have ever dealt with. They made me feel like a person and not a number and went above and beyond to make sure I was ok.

We have beautiful twin boys because of their expertise. I can’t thank them enough!!!


After two unsuccessful treatments in Sweden, our only option to have a child was to get help abroad. We searched for a clinic that could help us with both egg and sperm donation and after lot of research we fell for ReproGenesis after being in contact with IVF coordinator Karolina.

Karolina is really amazing and has been a great support during the whole treatment and quickly answered all of our questions. She has made this emotional journey so much easier. We could not thank her enough!!

During our visit we felt very well cared for, no stress and good information of what would happen. 

Also the doctor and the rest of the staff were really kind and professional.


We can highly recommend ReproGenesis to all couples that needs help with infertility issues!

Linda and Jonas, Sweden

5 stars for all aspects!

From the first time we contacted Reprogenesis it was clear it was a very professional organisation with their  swift and  informative response to our questions. My husband  ( 57 years ) and myself ( 45 years ) married last year and wanted to start a family. My husband needed TESA as he had had a vasectomy many years before. I undertook egg donation cycle due to my age. We had 2 AA 5 day blastocysts implanted  > we are delighted to say that I am 18 weeks pregnant with our miracle baby girl.

We cannot thank our coordinator Helena and her team enough for all their support they have given us on this journey. We absolutely recommend this clinic for any couple hoping for a baby but need help  conceiving.

Jane and Tim, Devon, England

We tried IVF in the UK and in Cyprus before we came to ReproGenesis.  We found ReproGenesis so much more medically advanced as well as being friendly and professional.  We had our wonderful baby daughter 3 months ago thanks to ReproGenesis and couldn’t be happier, we are so grateful and feel so lucky. Our coordinator was Veronika and she was brilliant and we also had contact with two ladies both called Petra and they were also very reassuring and put us at ease.  We seen Dominica the acupuncturist who was great too.


I am happy to share my experience…. I contacted ReproGenesis after having negative experiences from a centre in the UK. The UK centre was negative because of my age at 46 so I decided to look elsewhere. I contacted various IVF clinics throughout Europe and I was apprehensive about the language barrier and the clinic helping to create a wonderful baby. I contacted the coordinator at ReproGenesis who was immediately receptive, very professional and answered all my questions and concerns. ReproGenesis were very clear from the beginning about what the treatment would entail including precise costs and timings which were important to us. We opted for a donor whom ReproGenesis carefully matched to me in physical appearance such as height, eye and hair colour and interests. The process was very simple and flights were booked easily to Prague and the hotel recommended by ReproGenesis was fantastic and a short walk to the clinic and also had a discount provided by ReproGenesis. The clinic was immaculate and all the staff I encountered spoke excellent English and were extremely professional and put us at ease. The treatments was very straightforward and we were kept up to date at every step and there was no anxiety or stress. We are delighted with not one but twin gorgeous babies who fit in perfectly in appearance to our other children. I could not praise ReproGenesis and their staff enough as they were all truly amazing and so understanding and supportive, thank you so much for helping us create truly wonderful babies and making our family complete!!!


We are sooooo satisfied with coordinator Helena and the ReproGenesis Institute that we can’t even find the words. Helena is the kindest girl and the RG is the most professional place in the world. We have already talled a lot of our friends about you.

We are very happy and gratefull!


I have attended your clinic for two IVF cycles. My partner and I have found the clinic to be of the highest standard and are very pleased with all aspects of it.

I also have to say the best service your clinic has to offer is Helena Ibarra! She has been truly amazing on both visits before and after. My partner says she is the best asset of Reprogenesis and I have to agree. Nothing is too much trouble for her..EVER..even when she is off either on holiday or when she has been unwell herself. She is ALWAYS available with an understanding ear or suggestions to any questions or problems may they arise. She has really made to such a difference in what is essentially a very stressful and emotional time and let me tell you I am both of those at the highest level!

I have probably contacted her over a hundred times with silly questions or worries and she never makes me feel like I am a hassle. She has made our journey so much easier and is truly a joy to communicate with. Everything that I say is from the bottom of my heart and with sincerity. She is a lovely human being who is in the right job because of her compassion and commitment to provide a service to the best of her ability.


I would highly recomened this clinic, excellent communcations and very quick responses to emails. Staff are very friendly and helpfull. And a very big thank you to you for all your help!!! 



In late 2013, I had the shattering news that I had the fertility of someone 5 years older than me (I was 36 at the time) and I had a low ovarian reserve. I went on to do a failed IVF cycle in England in mid-2014 and I was subsequently told that I had a 5% chance of becoming pregnant through a normal IVF cycle – I was totally devastated. I was advised that to increase my chances I had to look at donor eggs (DE). While my world was turned upside down, we decided that we would go down the DE route in order to achieve our need of having our own child. We didn’t know where to start but a friend suggested to look at the Czech Republic and she informed us that many clinics there were very good. After several enquiries we were able to cut the list down to Reprogenesis, mainly down to the incredibly polite and timely responses to questions as well as their high success rates.

Our coordinator Karolina was exceptional from day 1 and help eased our nervousness on embarking on a journey we had never envisioned taking earlier in the year. Our initial visit to the clinic in September 2014 was an eyeopener, particularly as to our pleasant surprise the clinic was so modern and it felt like all the people really wanted us to succeed. The Reprogenesis team were all so incredibly affable and we were told there would be no waiting list for a DE and best of all they were able to help us! We returned to Brno in November and we went through the nervous steps leading up to the day of the DE transfer (2 blastacyst eggs were transfered). In early December, I was absolutely over the moon to discover I was pregnant and my husband and I felt we were in a dream, although this dream was real! Prior to Christmas I had an early scan and found out that we were going to have twins – Christmas had really come early for us and we were simply overjoyed and a little overwhelmed at the same time. I am currently 20 weeks and getting bigger by the day!

We can’t thank Reprogenesis enough for what they’ve done for us and without them we wouldn’t be in a position to say we are going to be parents. Our own experience was that the approach taken by Reprogenesis was very accomodating to our individual needs, whereas our treatment in England was the polar opposite. We’d have no hesistation in recommending Reprogenesis as a first class fertility centre with people who care about your situation. 

Al., UK

After four years of trying to conceive, I received a diagnosis of premature ovarian failure. My husband and I began researching our options, and decided that Egg Donation would offer the most successful opportunity to conceive a healthy child. We spoke with several different clinics in Canada and the USA and there seemed to be a lot of difficulty around finding donors, and was extremely expensive. That is when I started to look at clinics abroad. We had always planned on visiting Europe at some point.
We ended up at Repro Genisis for several reasons, some of which were fresh donor cycles, up to date technologies, embryo monitoring, recommendations from former patients, reasonable pricing, and success rates.
The communication with the clinic was fantastic and professional, and all of my questions were answered promptly by Veronika our coordinator. Even though I had not met the doctor prior to the embryo transfer, he seemed very genuine, and put me at ease during the procedure. I am delighted to say that I am currently 21 weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins ! My pregnancy has been very healthy so far, and this entire experience has been a fantastic adventure. I would absolutely recommend this clinic.

Virginia 38 and James 42, Canada

Just wanted to express our biggest gratitude to Karolina F, Veronica Z & all the staff from Reprogenesis for making our long waited dream come true!!!!
We have been battling with infertility for quite few years, and have tried IVF clinics in US & Canada!.. But unsuccessfully!..
And by searching the web & reading positive reviews our answers got answered!!!


We knew we had to go Czech Republic! Our long waited dream awaited us in Brno!


Now I am 8 weeks pregnant,


And have the easiest pregnancy ever, despite being 44 yo!..


Would highly recommend Reprogenesis with it’s amazing & professional stuff


They truly are best of the best!

G & S, Seattle, WA, USA

We just completed our first IVF treatment at ReproGenesis in the beginning of November after three unsuccessful attempts at another clinic. We had the most positive experience and we highly recommend this clinic. On our initial consultation, we were impressed straight away when we walked into the clinic … it is very modern and all the staff that we met where extremely pleasant and friendly. We were initially greeted by a very nice lady at the main desk who took our details and then brought us to the waiting room and offered us refreshments. Next we met with our co-ordinator who we had exchanged numerous emails with prior to coming to the clinic. She then introduced us to the doctor who would be performing the procedure. We were put at ease straight away by the doctor who was extremely personable and gentle.

He took his time explaining the entire process in great detail – he did not rush at all. We left that initial consultation feeling so confident and optimistic about our decision to move to ReproGenesis. Following that, we started the process. All communication with our co-ordinator was very clear and any questions that we had were answered quickly. Again on the day of the procedure we were immediately put at ease and it all went smoothly. Unlike our previous experiences, communication continued with the co-ordinator in the weeks following the procedure and our co-ordinator was always willing to answer any questions or concerns that we had. We are so delighted to say that our dream came through at ReproGenesis – we got a positive pregnancy result.


After several failed rounds of own egg IVF at a clinic in the UK, it was time to move on. We are so happy we did.

After much research about donor egg programmes overseas, I contacted a few clinics and it was immediately clear which I felt most comfortable with. The prompt, personalised response from the IVF coordinators at ReproGenesis stood out, all my questions were answered and I just had a good feeling about it. Our initial consultation confirmed things and before we knew it, I had commenced the preparation cycle!

We used PICSI and Embryo Monitoring to maximise our chances and that first cycle was successful. Our daughter was born in 2013 and is perfect in every single way.

Earlier this year we went back to Brno for a frozen embryo transfer (we were fortunate to have a number of additional frozen embryos) which sadly failed, but a second fresh cycle was successful and we are now awaiting the birth of our second child.

I would highly recommend ReproGenesis. The clinic itself is modern yet peaceful in a beautiful building in a lovely city. The staff are outstanding, so welcoming and helpful and the IVF coordinators in particular make you feel in very safe hands. We can’t thank everyone at ReproGenesis enough – they have made our dreams come true.


Having been diagnosed with premature menopause in my early twenties, I knew that my only option for a natural child would be via donor egg IVF. After being married a couple of years we started researching our options. We quickly narrowed down to the Czech Republic as it offered the treatment we needed (donor egg IVF) at a reasonable price and using top technology. We very quickly happened upon Reprogenesis, and after browsing their website and taking the virtual tour of their clinic, and reading everything we could on message forums and review sites, we reached out. Not only did we get a dedicated coordinator who responded to every email, usually within 24 hours, but she would call (from Brno to Canada) to discuss anything I wanted to discuss. We were in touch for well over a year before we decided to start our treatment plan. I felt a very personal touch, that my specific situation was being considered when the treatment plan was being defined, and that every effort was made to help the doctors here in Canada provide the tests and scans needed by the clinic. All communication was prompt, professional and helpful. My doctors here were very impressed!

When we arrived in Brno and visited the clinic, it felt like visiting friends. Everyone we interacted with during our time there seemed happy and genuine, and they really made us feel that they were rooting for us – the nurses, coordinators, doctors, and general office staff. We were kept well informed at every step of the process, never pressured or rushed, and were eased into making the decisions that were right for us. For this cycle, having resulted in 4 healthy embryos, one of those decisions was to opt for only a single embryo transfer rather than the planned double transfer.

The transfer day ran like clockwork. Things were calm and smooth, as we were escorted from room to room. I felt safe. The doctor was warm and friendly, and the transfer itself was quick and painless. With the 5 day transfer, it meant we had ample time for some day trips and to enjoy the Czech countryside – along with nearby Budapest and Vienna. In Prague, my husband bought me a garnet pendant with four diamond-shaped pieces of garnet surrounding a little diamond. We said it was like our 4 embryos. But the best souvenir that we brought back was our ‘little HB’, the hatching blastocyst that we chose to implant, whose heartbeat and ultrasound image we just saw for the first time today, healthily developing at 6 weeks 5 days!

I have no hesitation in recommending Reprogenesis and look forward to returning!



We live in Norway and IVF there had failed 3 times in a row. However at Reprogenesis in Brno, from the initial consultation, we were in no doubt that IVF at this clinic would lead to a successful outcome. The staff are extremely helpful, and our allocated consultant, Helena was available throughout the whole process, AND beyond, to answer any queries or concerns we had. The process was handled in a thoroughly professional manner, with every conceivable process being used to ensure that the outcome was a success.

My wife now has a 23 week old fetus inside her which is VERY healthy, very energetic and looks like it will go the full term. We are so unbelievably happy and can only praise Reprogenesis for everything they’ve done for us.

We can thoroughly recommend Reprogenesis to everyone who is considering IVF and wants asuccessful outcome. They are simply brilliant.


My husband and I have been married for 6 years and had decided to try to have a child together. After about 2 years and testing was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. A friend had recently went to Reprogenesis and spoke highly of them. I contacted Ms. Veronika who always answered my questions, and I had plenty since this was my first time doing anything like this. I went to the clinic in June 2014 and started the process. I was impressed with the friendliness of the staff and especially and how clean and warm it felt even for a clinic. I am now currently starting my second trimester and am being blessed and grateful for them and for getting me here. Thank you again Veronika and all the staff! I will definitely be referring people to you for their infertility issues.


After 8 half years of heartbreaking attempts to become pregnant including a miscarriage, I felt lost and hopeless at the age of 45 of ever becoming a mother. After lots of research, we came across reprogenesis and where indeed very impressed by the reviews about the clinic and decided to visit the clinic for a consultation in April 2014. The consultation was indeed very thorough and although I had previously undergone various infertility tests in the UK, it was reprogenesis whom where able to accurately diagnose a clotting disorder. I was extremely impressed by the level of professionalism, kindness and patient centred care I received during my consultation and we booked our IVF treatment with reprogenesis in June 2014.

Our treatment was successful on our 1st attempt and I can only say that this team have enabled our dreams to come true and our baby is due in February 2015. I cannot rate this team more highly and would not hesitate recommending their services to anyone. A smooth, well informed treatment pathway where I felt safe, cared for and valued. Even when we arrived back in the UK our IVF co-coordinator Veronika continued to maintain very regular contact, arranging further prescriptions as when required and if I had any queries she would promptly liaise with the consultant and email or phone me back hastily with a reply, thanks so much Veronika you are an angel.

Our Consultant was Dr Thomas, whom was absolutely fantastic another amazing member of this dream team. If you require any further information in relation to our experiences, please contact the clinic and I would be more than willing to correspond with you via email.

Again thank you so much reprogenesis

Claire and Carl H.UK

I would like to let you know that my husband and I were very satisfied with the service provoded at your clinic. A special thank you goes to dr. Michaela Boháčková who has been very helpful and professional during the whole time. She always replied to any of my e-mails and she answered to all of my questions. I felt very much supported and cared for. Michaela was always very kind and she was also concerned of the psicologycal aspects involved. I would also like to add that the doctor who performed the transfer, dr Tomas Koukal made sure that the transfert was as smooth as possible. He also patiently answered to all of my questions. Ultimately, regardless the outcome, I will definetely reccommend your clinic to my acquaintances.


I am 38 years old and was really devastated due to my pregnancy issues. Even after 10 years of my marriage I was deprived of the true essence of life, my very own child. I was already done 3 IVF and felt really hopeless on this issue. Adding to it, I found out that I had thyroid too and my health conditions generally were also not good. I went for many treatments even those which were far away from my hometown but felt helpless and hopeless at the same time. Lately I heard about Reprogenesis Hospital in Brno and through surfing found out that their success rate was really high. Firstly I thought to let go as I already lost the faith in myself, then a voice came from inside me that lets try for the sake of the chance.

Fortunately I was treated really well. Miss Veronica was my coordinator. She really helped me and boosted my confidence. Answered all of my queries and more than anything they all actually tried their best and not only provide me with each and every solution but also made my treatment successful. Thanks to them and of course God I am in the 7th week of my pregnancy. They are really the true example for hospitality, commitment and reviving strength. I will recommend you all to visit or call or even mail them and see yourself that how they use immediate response technique and personal service to not only comfort you but would also become your last hope, 100 percent successful one.

All the best

We couldn’t recommend this clinic highly enough. From my initial enquiry we received a phone call followed by all our information emailed from Petra (who I think unfortunately left since) at ReproGenesis in Brno. Everything was explained and so simple and straight forward. We did 1 short visit in September 2012 and we returned in October 2012 for our donor egg IVF. Everything was so easy I was very relaxed and everyone was lovely. We had 2 day 5 blastocysts and we found out after our 2 week wait that we finally got a positive. And now we have a lovely 9 months old baby boy and thinking about going back to ReproGenesis for baby number 2.

For anybody thinking going to Brno, the team of people in ReproGenesis clinic are amazing and my experience was made to feel very special and most important, very relaxing. Also the physical surroundings in ReproGenesis are of a very high standard.

E+F M (37 years old)

Hello Helena is been a long time that I’m planning to write to you and Reprogenesis, and say one more time thanks for everything you have done for me and my family. My 5 1/2 months daughter is gorgeous, intelligent and very healthy. I don’t know yet how we decided to travel 14 hour in search of our dream but I do know it was the best decision I ever made in my life. I have very pleasant memories of Czech republic, I will always wish Reprogenesis the best. I recommend Reprogenesis to all couples who dream be a mother or father, because my dreams come through and over exceeded my expectation. Since the day I contact you I start getting close and close to my daughter, today she is to me and my husband the most beautiful thing we have,,,! Thanks to Dr Vrana and Eva


After 2 failed IVF cycles we were recommended to look into egg donor options. Having been told it could take up to 18 months to find a suitable donor in the UK, we were advised to look abroad where the process would be quicker. After lots of research and conversations with various clinics, we chose ReproGenesis. We were impressed with the information available on their website, the latest technologies on offer and the communication from Veronika (our dedicated co-ordinatior) who was excellent throughout. Her response was professional, helpful and prompt.

ReproGenesis tailor made a plan to suit our needs involving a simultaneous donor egg and own egg cycle and we were contacted well in advance so had plenty of time to organise travel and accommodation. The clinic took care of all our medication before, during and after our treatment which was a worry off our mind.

We travelled to Brno in August 2013 and found the city to be a great place to stay and explore. Having never been to the Czech Republic before, we were not disappointed with all it had to offer. The transport links are brilliant which makes getting around easy and the people are very welcoming.

On arrival at the ReproGenesis Clinic we were impressed with the facilities and the warm welcome from all the staff, who spoke excellent English. Our experience could not have been made any easier from start to finish. Although this is a stressful and emotional time, the reassurance and care we were given allowed us to be more relaxed.

The nurses, embryologist and doctors explained all the procedures, gave us time to ask any questions and made sure we were completely happy before treatment commenced. We feel everybody at ReproGenesis helped us realise our dreams of becoming a family. Our baby is due in April 2014 and are absolutely delighted.

We would like to thank everybody at ReproGenesis and would not hesitate to recommend this clinic to all that require fertility treatment in the future.


I have attended reprogenesis as a patient from ireland. Initially when i looked at clinics for embryo donation reprogenesis responded very quickly to my queries and had the shortest waiting time. Veronika the coordinator called me and gave me all the details of what treatment involved, and answered all the questions i had. She also has very good english so there was no communication barrier at all. This process was a lot easier than i anticipated. All contact made through email and at all times my emails were responded to quickly and thoroughly. Drug prescriptions were sent via post and local pharmacey had no problems dispensing medications to me. And the cost was not too much either. I was sent a treatment plan which was very clear and easy to follow. I was given my transfer date well in advance so i had plenty of time to plan my flights and accommodation.

When i attended reprogenesis on the day of transfer i was impressed at what a spotlessly clean clinic this is. All the staff were extremely friendly and spoke very good english. I met my coordinator veronika who had dealt with all corespondence for treatment, she was so friendly and kind and put me at ease before treatment. I spoke to the embryologist and the doctor before treatment and was told i would recieve 2 grade AA expanded blastocysts, i was very happy with this. Procedure was very quick and efficient by the doctor performing procedure, and he was very friendly and explained everything to me. After the procedure everyone wished me luck and i was asked to notity clinic of result in 2 weeks. 2weeks later i had a positive pregnancy result and my blood hcg levels were extremely high. I am presently waiting for a scan to confirm fetal heartbeat.

After years of infertility treatment i am so glad i made the decision to go with embryo adoption and attend reprogenesis. It is not easy to decide to go to another country and have treatment. I cant believe how smoothly and stress free this process was, and i credit this to the efficiency and kindness of the staff at reprogenesis. After years of tears and heartache they have helped to make myself and my husbands dream of having a family come true. I am so gratefull to all at reprogenesis.

M. and B.

We have been trying to have a baby for 7 years. We had 6 fresh cycles of IVF and 1 FET in the UK without any success so chose to have IVF with Donor Eggs. We looked at several clinics in Europe but ReproGenesis stood out for us. When we contacted them for information we had a response from Veronika our IVF co-ordinator within hours. She was friendly, informative, professional and answered all my questions (there were alot) – her English was also very very good. She made something quite daunting seem simple and easy. There was also no waiting list and our Donor was found very quickly.

We only had to go to the clinic once (this was our choice) and Brno was a beautiful city to stay in. We found a hotel which was very reasonably priced and within walking distance of the clinic. The clinic was spotlessly clean and the staff were friendly and very professional. The doctor also spoke very good English. In hindsight, if we had to do our IVF journey again we would definetely choose to go to ReproGenesis straight away – ReproGenesis is a league above our UK clinic in technology, professionalism and value for money.

We are now 11 weeks pregnant with twins!!!!!!!!. We never thought it would happen for us.

Me 40 yrs old – partner 43 yrs old

We researched lots of clinics and locations before deciding on Reprogenesis. Although there were only a few reviews to go on at the time, due to Reprogenesis being a relatively new clinic, it just ‘felt right’. Communication was brilliant and every question was answered thoroughly and extremely quickly. My co-ordinator, Petra speaks excellent English and is so pleasant and helpful, nothing was too much trouble.

The clinic’s success rates, especially using Embryo Monitoring are also excellent. Our treatment plan was carefully planned around our specific needs. We were certainly not disappointed when we went to the clinic – spotlessly clean, professional and centred around patient needs. Having had many IVF attempts previously at other clinics, Reprogenesis is definitely up there with the best. We had the choice of ordering our meds in the UK or having them sent to us by Reprogenesis. We opted for the latter as this eliminated any hassle our end. This was sent quickly and efficiently and our treatement plan was explained clearly to us, both in an email and on a spreadsheet.

It was a daunting thought having treatment abroad. Organising flights, accommodation and transport however was effortless thanks again to Petra. It was certainly no more hassle than having treatment in the UK.

If you’ve been through IVF before, I’m sure you’ll know that the dreaded 2 week wait is torture!! However, I am now almost 13 weeks pregnant! We can’t thank Reprogenesis enough for our little miracle and would recommend to anyone considering treatment to use this wonderful clinic! Incidentally, if you want any info on this clinic, then here is a thread I created to give people more info